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What Other Similar Cooking Fever Games are Available?

Similiar Cooking Fever Games

If you love Cooking Fever already and are desperately searching for other options that are similar Cooking Fever games, then you’re in the right place!

Chef Rescue

Chef Rescue for Android 2.3 has a good rating. It is an action game with a simulation where we observe that you can put yourself in the place of a future, the chef of the restaurant whose main objective is to become the best chef in the world, whatever the fun and dynamics.

It has exaggerated visual effects, more precise controls and a bold and unintelligible game mechanic, this game hooks you to most fans of Android video games in an instant. Many of us can play this extraordinary video game without ads (our favorite part)

As we will see, not all heroes use a mask and a cape. This incredible hero wears a kitchen cap. During the game, they have safeguarded several restaurants that have problems with their super capacity or culinary talent. Divided into many scenarios in the 9 available restaurants, Chef Rescue has a lot of levels.

Happy Chef 2 also by Nordcurrent

In Happy Chef 2, another similar Cooking Fever games, you cook up a variety of dishes from all over the world to become the best chef. This time management game requires you to start from a lowly level worker in a pizza and pasta shop in Italy, and you slowly climb up the ranks to become a world famous chef! Travel all over as you build your cooking dreams in Hawaii, America, China, and France.

You must constantly upgrade your kitchen with new appliances and the restaurant itself with nice decor to keep customers happy. Become not just a chef, but a happy one in Happy Chef 2!