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What are the Cooking Fever Tips and Tricks?

If you’ve played Cooking Fever long enough, you’d notice how hard it is to truly advance the stages with all 3-stars. We suspect that Gems are the precious commodity that is needed but we can’t afford. Apart from getting gems, though, here are some Cooking Fever Tips and Tricks available for you!


Cooking Fever Tips and Tricks


Firstly, “The Path Most Trodden”: Work your way up in the kitchen with the necessary upgrades towards other levels to be able to prepare more food items for more customers at once.


Secondly, buy Time reduction upgrades first! This means Cola Dispenser, better burger pans, hot dog grilling pans… etc! You need to cut short the amount of time needed to prepare the sizzles and drizzles (drinks). This comes in handy when your restaurant is overflowing with waiting customers.


Thirdly, don’t be quick in collecting money. Leave some money on the countertops to slow down customers coming in so they won’t be able to swamp you. This works excellently when you’re in a fast-paced situation and food requests have to be cooked and carried out to customers.


Fourthly, upgrading equipment to store food! You can return to older non-three star games to win the three stars because sometimes you don’t have the money to buy not-so-important upgrades like food storage. With food storage, you can possibly get the three-star for the level you require.


Fifth, upgrade your restaurant. Yup, they’re not as important as the food upgrades but collectively they help you to ease a few seconds of customers’ tolerance! Purchasing interior decorations or fancy fixtures will lure your customers into tipping more, too.

Sixth, use some gem cheats. We understand some of you serious players would rather keep the game clean. However, we’ve noticed how it’s nearly impossible to get all 3-stars without purchasing gems! We don’t like spending on in-game purchases, and we’ve found a loophole to this. Click here to read more about gem cheats.

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