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Pros and Cons of Cooking Fever

Pros and Cons of Cooking Fever: An Unbiased Opinion

If you’re deeply contemplating installing a worthwhile game, why not try Cooking Fever? In this post, we try to list out to you the objective Pros and Cons of Cooking Fever without getting biased.


What is Cooking Fever?


Cooking Fever is a mobile game and its app can be downloaded on iOS, Android or Windows supported mobile devices. Now, it is also available on PC and MAC.

This game was launched in 2014 and since then has been one of the most popular mobile games played by people of all ages. There are three modes available in this game. They consist of the City restaurants, which have 10 restaurants available, Paradise Island, which has seven restaurants, and Alpine Mountains, with six restaurants.


How does the game work?


The player starts off with the fast food court which is one of the restaurants in the first mode i.e. City restaurants. The player runs the restaurant serving food and drinks etc and earn money i.e. gems and also spends to upgrade their kitchen interiors and appliances and then become eligible to unlock the next level of the game.

This is a time management game that proceeds with increasing difficulty. Games shouldn’t be too easy! However, the twist to get to the next level is to earn diamonds or gems to continue, but the real challenge for the players is that they are not able to earn enough to get free gems during the game.

Pros of Cooking Fever


The pros of this game: to make you good with time management, helps you become more creative (you have to outsmart the system to get all 3-stars!), trains your memory skills, and boosts patience practice. It is fun and challenging at the same time. The graphics are amazing and you really almost feel like you’re a real chef serving food. If you enjoy cooking and games, then Cooking Fever is the game to play!

Cons of Cooking Fever


On the other hand, the downside to this games: Unrealistic gem costs. Almost impossible to get 3-stars unless you have gems and they are extremely difficult to get without spending real money. It starts off as a fun game but at one point most of the players would give up on this game because they can’t find a way to get gems without busting their wallets.

So here you go, the pros and cons of Cooking Fever are all listed here for you!

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