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If I’m Bad at Cooking, Should I Play Cooking Fever?

Are you so bad at cooking that you’re terrified of cooking games?

Have you always felt like you’re bad at cooking? And if so, is that stopping you from playing Cooking Fever because you don’t want to appear a fraud?


Whether or not you can cook is mostly irrelevant to whether or not you should play Cooking Fever. This is a game heavily about managing time, so it does not necessarily require real-work knowledge and experience.


We doubt the game would be very profitable or popular if it only catered to real chefs – that’s a rather limited market.


Actually, if you are completely unknowledgeable on cooking, you may find it helpful. It can even introduce you to different ingredients and how time management in the kitchen works.


Playing it may let you enjoy a sense of mastery of kitchen tasks even if your actual culinary abilities stop at making a bowl of cereal. We’d say to give the game a try and see what you think.


Our humble conclusion to this question?


Maybe it will inspire an interest in cooking and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. Or to try making some of your own meals more often. Perhaps it will even inspire you to start your own restaurant enterprise! Complete with cookbook deals and endorsements followed by tv shows of you yelling at poor hapless cooks like you used to be!


The most likely result will that you will get hungry and inspired to call for some takeout. Cooking is generally a good life skill to have, though, so I hope it does inspire at least some interest in cooking your own dinner more regularly. Bad at cooking or not, it’s always a great first step, anyway.


Perhaps purchasing and reading a cookbook will slightly improve your performance in the game and have some real-world practicality. If nothing else, playing Cooking Fever should be mindless fun for a while, which is generally relaxing, and might make you more inclined to try new foods when you see them. Just watch out for in-app purchases that might eat into your food budget. Best of luck!

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