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How to Win at Cooking Fever?

Can you win at Cooking Fever?

The game Cooking Fever is a free cooking mobile game developed by Nordcurrent. It’s a simple game with complex latter levels. Can you win at Cooking Fever? Can you beat the heat?


The basis of this game is about serving customers in a variety of restaurants. The challenge is that you must cook food fast enough so your customers won’t walk away. Making multiple customers wait too long in one mission will eventually lead to you failing the mission.


Slowly you progress and unlock new shops. Some shops include the Fast Food Court, The Bakery, Pizzeria, Sports Bar and many more. In this exciting game, you can also unlock new islands which allow you to be able to unlock even more restaurants. To unlock all the restaurants is a hard challenge. In order to do this, there are certain strategies.


Simple strategies to follow


The fastest way to unlock all the restaurants is to focus on your XP and earning gems.


An easy free way to earn gems is through the casino and your daily rewards.


Another tip is that during the game you must always make sure you have food ready even if there are no customers waiting. You will never know when a massive influx of people will enter the shop! Next tip. If you are busy, make sure to leave the money they give you on the table. When the money is still there, new customers won’t come to order until you collect them.


The last tip we have for you: Just stick to it, this game will take lots of grinding to unlock all the restaurants and will not be easy, you just got to keep on doing the challenges and you will eventually get there. Don’t forget to have fun along the way! Because what’s the point of playing a game without having any fun?

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