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How to Get More Cooking Fever Gems?

It’s not easy to get Cooking Fever gems. The number of gems required to unlock the restaurants is no small one. Unlocking restaurants can cost up to 30 or 40 gems! Gasp! We don’t have that kind of money.

Cooking Fever is a time management game that tests your ability to work under pressure. Frenzied action and fresh visual effects the game stands out from other cooking games out there. In this game, you are supposed to prepare all sorts of food items and serve them to your customers. You have to make a profit and grow your business for you to win the game. If you are new to cooking fever you may need a guide or walkthroughs to learn how to play it. As you continue playing you will need some new tips tricks and strategies to help you get more gems and coins.

What are Cooking Fever Gems and Coins?


But first… Coins and gems some people call these diamonds are earned during the course of playing the game.


Coins are fairly easy to acquire once you have several restaurants open, but gems in Cooking Fever seem to come along much more slowly. Emphasis on MUCH. This can be very frustrating especially when you are still early in the game with only 2 or 3 restaurants open.


The internet is full of claims of cheats or hacks to get unlimited free Cooking fever gems. The developers fixed the cheat that used to exist in the game and there are no safe hacks if you decide to download something into your phone or desktop.


The most popular cheat: Changing Time


Put your phone on airplane mode. Then fast forward for a few years in your settings. Reopen the app and claim the rewards. I watched a random tutorial on it back in the day when i used to play it because honestly the amount of gems you get while playing is way too little. However, being able to have unlimited gems also sort of causes the game to not feel as fun.


A Gem Recap


Each time you level up by getting enough experience points you get between 4 to 7 gems. After 7 consecutive days of checking in you will get 2 gems on top of the coins. You will also get 2 gems for every day that you check in consecutively afterwards. If you miss a day you will have to start over with only the coins from day 1 and you will have to build it up to 7 consecutive check-ins to get your 2 Cooking Fever gems.


Casino Gems


You can also score gems from the casino. If you bet 500 coins you can get up to 15 gems. Apparently, you can only get 15 gems every 24 hours at the casino. This is an expensive way to get Cooking Fever gems, especially towards the beginning when you don’t have that many coins to spare.