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Kdo je Michelle v Cooking Fever?

Have you wondered, upon unlocking “Michelle’s Cafe”, about who on earth she is? Just who is Michelle in Cooking Fever? Michelle is the avatar you control from the very beginning of the game. You are Michelle. 

In Cooking Fever, she works her way up to finally opening her own cafe in “Michelle’s Cafe”.

Michelle is driven, ambitious, self-motivated and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She traverses through the different stages, moving from restaurant to restaurant. She transforms the restaurants from dingy old places with not many customers into food havens! Her latest endeavor, the “Alpine Meat Palace”, is a proud opening under her namesake.

That’s Michelle for you. Are you anything like her in real life? We all could use a little Michelle magic, if you ask us.

Download and play Cooking Fever on your PC or MAC today! Cooking Fever is an addicting and fun cooking game that really puts you up to speed on what it’s like in the cooking world. You don’t have to be a chef to be able to ace this game! It’s relaxing as long as you don’t whack yourself over getting three-stars because as you progress, it will get harder. Two-stars become a normality and 3-stars become rarities.

Here is the list of restaurants you can check out in Cooking Fever – all twenty over of them! Nordcurrent is always dispensing updates on the game, so you don’t have to worry about running out of fun, ever! The latest update is Alpine Meat Palace, which takes after the real Alpine stalls in the wintry regions. How exciting!

Also, here are some links to unlocking more gems in the games!

We hope you know who is Michelle in Cooking Fever now, and more 😉

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