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Levels in Cooking Fever

There are many levels in Cooking Fever, and this corresponds to the many restaurants too.


About Cooking Fever


This game is developed by Nordcurrent.


In this game, players manage various restaurants by making foods and drinks, serving customers, and earning money. Cooking Fever currently has three different modes to play: City restaurants, Paradise Island restaurants and Alpine Mountains restaurants.


The first restaurant you’ll manage is the Fast Food Restaurant. The other restaurants will be available later on when you’ve grown your experience points. Each restaurant has 40 levels of play with a minimum score needed to pass the level so that you can advance to the next level. There are more than 20 restaurants to unlock with 40 levels each!


Cooking Fever also offers in-app purchases. If you’re like us and not quite good at waiting, you can spend real money to get extra coins and gems. The Bakery is available when you first start the game and others will become available as you gain XP (Experience Points). Gems are critical to gameplay. Unless you buy them, you will have to earn them. They generate really slowly, though. Coins are also important in this game but are way more easy to farm.


To earn additional coins, it’s possible to simply replay levels. The higher the level in the restaurant, the more Coins you receive for passing the level. You will need Coins to purchase and make upgrades to each restaurant later. You have to manually collect the coins from each restaurant. Focus on increasing experience points. Try to earn more Coins by replaying levels, and place a bet or two at the Casino. Some restaurants are inexpensive to buy but very expensive to upgrade. Before buying a new restaurant, try to finish a restaurant with 3 stars on all 40 levels. Kitchen upgrades are a must in order to pass levels.

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