Cooking Fever Restaurants

Cooking Fever Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, we are extremely picky, aren’t we? So we can’t exactly blame the customers for stomping out on us if we’ve made them wait for five measly minutes for their food! Of course, we don’t have that kind of time luxury in this game. Customers get upset if you exceed even 30 seconds of their precious time! The range of customers you’ll get in Cooking Fever is aplenty. The Cooking Fever restaurants are the epitome of this game!

In alphabetical order, these are the restaurants in Cooking Fever that are unlockable so far. We’ve written more about the more popular restaurants in bolded and extended form.

Aloha Bistro

The Aloha Bistro is a tropical restaurant located in the Alpine Mountains! It’s a super fast paced restaurant that specializes in Chicken, Laulau and Ice Cones. What’s the hardest part of this bistro? Making Laulau, that’s for sure. It’s got these steps: Taro Leaf put down, butterfish and pork, then wrapping it up! If you’re up for a good challenge, try this one!


Breakfast Cafe

Cafe Mexicana

Chinese Restaurant

Corn Dog Van

This one is reminiscent of the Fast Food Joint. You’ll serve Corn Dogs with Mustard and Ketchup. There’s also Fries, Cola and Broccoli! We like this stage because it reminds us of the game Hot Dog Bush

Fast Food Court

Hell’s Kitchen

House of Crab

Ice Cream Bar

The Ice Cream Bar serves wafer cones with kiwi, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream, along with toppings. However, instead of the usual upgrading of the restaurant’s interior, you will be upgrading outdoor items like the Trampoline or Water Scooter.  Remember to focus on upgrading all the kitchen appliances first!

Indian Diner

Italian Buffet

Krabby O’Mondays

Michelle’s Cafe

There are a variety of Coffees, Stroopwafels and brownie desserts in Michelle’s Cafe. What are Stroopwafels? Really cute-sounding wafer pieces that sandwich a thin layer of caramel filling. It’s made to ooze out of the wafers when you place them atop a coffee cup! Yum!

Paradise Cocktail Bar


Salad Bar

Seafood Bistro

Smokey Grill BBQ

Sports Bar

Sunset Waffles

Serve up rectangular and round waffles with different toppings! They include Whipped Cream, Chocolate, Strawberries and Wild Berries. There are milkshakes too, up to three flavors!

Sushi Restaurant

Thai Food Restaurant

A traditional Thai Food restaurant that serves street food! Crispy Duck Noodles, Beef with Rice, Soda Bags and Mango Sticky Rice (mmmm).