Cooking Fever Updates

Welcome to Cooking Fever updates!

We‚Äôve got an exciting new announcement: On 14 July 2018, The Alpine Meat Palace opened up for business!! ūüôā Hooray!

This restaurant will test your skills, develop your strengths, and make you work hard if you want to earn the title of head chef. Guess what? The new Alpine Meat Palace is based on a bunch of real Alpine Meat Places!

So what’s new about the Alpine Meat Palace?

Serve your customers with delicious steaks or ribs cooked to perfection! Cook them with fresh vegetable sides and crispy onion rings! For desserts, they can eat the best apple pies ever! (If they‚Äôre still not full after the steaks and vegetables!)

Beat the clock when it comes to serving these sizzling steaks before the customers get so angry they never step foot into your restaurant again! Constantly upgrade your interior and kitchen appliances to keep your business on its best toes!

Alpine Meat Palace is like your Astons or iSteak diners! Download this game and get ready for a succulent meat fest coming up your way.