Cooking Fever Guides

If you are new to Cooking Fever, you may need Cooking Fever guides or some walkthroughs to learn how to play it.

As you continue playing, you will need some new tips, tricks and strategies to help you get more gems and coins.

Some preview of tips we’ll share with you so that you can get better at Cooking Fever!

Cooking Fever Guides

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Cooking Fever is an addictive time management game that also tests your reflexes and how well you perform under pressure. Don’t lose your cool though!

Since upgrades are constantly required for the player to advance even for the first few levels, it’s necessary to learn some tips and cheats. These upgrades cost a lot of expensive gems. But the truth is, it still is possible to play and enjoy this game even if you’re not sinking a fortune into it.

Here we’ve compiled information that everyone should know about this game. Tricks and strategies, cheats and hacks.