About Cooking Fever: The Amazing Cooking Game

Cooking Fever is an arcade game that has already gained millions of players worldwide. It’s a game that can entertain you while giving you something to fuss about when playing. Your limits will be tested as you are compelled to manage your time and decide quickly on what to serve next while ensuring that your customers stay happy. You also have the chance to customize and upgrade your kitchen so you can better serve your customers. 

What’s more is that in this game, you will need to adapt a wide array of restaurant locations and themes, so get ready for every challenge that comes your way!


Don’t know how to cook in real life? Worry not because in Cooking Fever, you will be able to hone your skills so you can cook the best quality dishes. Plus, you will be able to develop a winning strategy that will put the best chefs to shame. All that is possible through the help of the best kitchen appliances that you’ll have to create the best dishes from an international menu. 

In Cooking Fever, there are thousands of courses that you can easily recreate using high-quality ingredients. At every level, the challenge becomes difficult. But as long as you keep on practicing and getting the right technique, you will be able to run your own restaurant business with ease in no time.

Do you feel the excitement of learning to cook the best dishes and running a restaurant business? Then, play the game on a bigger screen so you can experience and immerse more. Besides that, learn basic playing tips and interesting facts about the game so you can get to know more about it. Expect all these and more here in Cooking Fever’s unofficial fansite.