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Learn How to Be a Professional Chef in Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a game that pushes you to think outside the box so you can create efficient strategies when serving your customers. However, just like in real life, serving customers can be a bit daunting because you will handle a lot of customers and take many orders. 

Another thing that makes it daunting is if your customers are satisfied with your service, that is if you can serve their food on time or ahead of time to keep them happy. It makes you feel stressed because you are always rushing around, and you want to cook their food right away. If you don’t want to feel this kind of pressure and you want to get by the game easily,  read on for some tips and tricks to become the best chef in Cooking Fever.

Tips & Tricks to Becoming a Pro Chef in Cooking Fever

Cooking in real life can be stressful, especially if you are cooking for your family and friends. It means you have to get the ingredients ready and cook a full course. However, it would be more difficult if you are getting ready for an occasion. 

With Cooking Fever, you will feel the same. But in this game, you aren’t cooking for your friends or family. Instead, you will be cooking and preparing the dishes ordered by your customers. Now, that is really more difficult, especially when there are several customers in a row with multiple orders. Whenever this happens, here are some things you’re going to do:

1st Tip

Make sure to get the daily bonus, so you have more money to spend.


2nd Tip

Upgrade your kitchen appliances to make your work easier and faster. A better kitchen appliance will get the job done in no time.

3rd Tip

Add more equipment as needed so that you will be able to serve multiple orders, especially when it comes to ordering drinks.

4th Tip

Customize your kitchen for you to be more comfortable when cooking. It will be your second home or sanctuary.

5th Tip

Memorize the ingredients and the dishes needed to be cooked first. If your main dish is a hamburger, make sure to cook the patty first and then the bun since the patties take a bit more time to cook.

6th Tip

Don’t stress yourself out, or else you will forget what you need to do. It can take a toll on your performance, so remember to keep calm and cook!

These are just some of the basic tips that every Cooking Fever beginner must follow. We assure you that if you follow these tips, you will become a Pro Chef in Cooking Fever. Play it now and enjoy it!